Enter The Worship Circle has always wanted you to know that, “You can do it!” The very first Worship Circle album, First Circle, had tips on writing songs and leading worship in the liner notes of the CD jacket. They went something just like this:

How do we worship God?

Worshiping God cannot be borrowed or “faked”. Singing Christian songs with enthusiasm is not worship, and neither is bowing reverently in a chapel…they are only outward exercises. True worship can never be a rehearsal of inside-1someone else’s experience or tradition…we must hunger to touch God for ourselves!

So how do we meet God? Jesus sums up the radical message of the whole Bible when he says “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9). He also said that He was THE doorway for us to enter the Presence of God (John 14:6). However, Jesus didn’t speak of a single, momentary encounter with the Presence of God because it was His heart that we learn to have an ongoing, supernatural relationship with Him…a continual encounter!

Are you experiencing God? Surely you are not satisfied with only one encounter…one touch? Through worship we can interact with God: we can ask Him for help to love him more, we can reflect His passionate pursuit, we can hunger for more of His presence! And when He meets us…and we respond with love…then we can truly call it worship!


How do we express ourselves in worship?

inside-4Expressing our love, affection, and devotion to God is as varied and infinite as the way we could express those same things to our earthly husband or wife. We can use any creative tools we have to express our love: singing, dancing, painting, bowing, playing instruments, or blowing kisses!

If we feel the smile of God then we are doing it right.

Creating worship music begins with this kind of prayer: “Dear Father, show us your heart, your rhythms, and help us to love you with our words and music”. Anyone can write a worship song. The simplest way to learn how is to start in the Psalms…that is what we did. The Psalms are like “training wheels” for the worshiping song writer!


You can write worship music!

1. Open up the Bible to a Psalm. Find one with some simple lines about the character of God.

inside-52. Ask the Lord to show you His heart, and the heart of the Psalm writer, too.

3. Read the passage and note (underline, write, speak them out-loud) the lines that stick out to you.

4. Pick up your instrument and play a chord, or start a rhythm, turn on instrumental music or have a friend play…

5. Sing the words of the Psalm just like you read them. They don’t have to rhyme or be organized, just do it.

6. Now repeat that section until a new thought or picture comes to you. Sing out the new phrases and the ideas, and let your worship carry you on through the chord changes and words.

7. Hint: Turn on the tape recorder at step 4! Most of the best stuff will come to you naturally, and it is hard to “go back” and remember everything when you are spontaneously expressing yourself to God.

8. You can come back later and edit or organize the song, being sure to keep it simple and direct, if you want others to sing it with you! Congratulations! Your on your way to leading others into the Presence of God with new worship songs!!!


You can worship!

inside-21. Pray and ask God for help. In Luke 11:13 Jesus said if we ask the Father for the Holy Spirit that He was eager to give Himself to us…we just have to ask. Express your hunger to know Him…Speak out your desperation

2. Focus. Music, worship meetings, and personal retreats are tools to help us to “zone in” on God alone…and let everything else fade…

3. Consider the greatness of God. Meditating on a particular Bible passage and then speaking or singing the truths aloud will prepare our hearts for worship.
4. Remember the love Jesus showed us on the cross. There is nothing more moving than the way He passionately pursued us…even through death…to have us as His own.

5. Thank God openly with your mouth. Psalm 50 says that a thankful heart paves the way for God to come and reveal Himself to us…name specific things…

6. Act! Make noise. move, speak out, bow down…do something! All true worship is an active response to God!

Our Highest Calling

inside-3This desire to celebrate something…to worship something…anything…is a window into our souls.

It is by observing what we worship and how we worship that we discover who we really are…

Many have settled for a lifetime of worshiping inferior, temporary things…their lives reflect their pursuits.

Some have aspired to worship systems of belief and practice…they are known by their religion.

But to worship God is to enter our highest calling…

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