New Christmas EP by Karla Adolphe

tumblr_inline_nfw4e5EOOM1ryd8ahI am so excited to recommend the smooth, intoxicating voice of Karla Adolphe on her new Christmas EP called Lingering. It is available from her website for a special price, and is easy to download, and right here on iTunes as well. She sings some wonderful Christmas standards in some fresh arrangements, that I think are perfect for a quiet evening by the fire, or a morning meditation for Advent. She is one of my all time favorite artists, and beautiful human beings, so please become a fan!

My friends, Tim and Laurie, have been reminding me that Advent is a time of waiting. Waiting, itself, may be a spiritual discipline after all. What is fasting, but the difficult art of waiting for a physical need to come later? The very act of telling an earthly thing, “No,” somehow makes room for heavenly things to take root in our lives. As we all wait for Christ to be born in Bethlehem so we can celebrate the invading power of God’s love, let’s find a way to practice the fine art of waiting. During Advent we can choose to by tell something from this world, “No,” and enjoy what Christians have practiced for centuries during this season: making a heavenly gift a chief longing. It may require some Lingering in his presence!