The Healing Path eBook Release!

The Healing Path, Robin PasleyI know that I am married to Robin, and I have a natural bias, but I still have to say that her book, The Healing Path, is one of the best books on walking in confidence sonship I have ever read. Now it is available everywhere as a eBook for only $2.99! Yes, it covers some of the basics of the spirit of slavery and the spirit of orphanhood, but it spends much more time giving you the basic tools to overcome those voices and move into your rightful place as a beloved son … every day. This is not an intellectual work, it is a practical “how to” guide for anyone who wants to find healing in the Father’s love.

Trouble forgiving others or releasing bitterness? The Healing Path is for you.

Can’t shake those negative voices that circle your head? The Healing Path is for you.

Struggle with knowing the Father always wants to be close? The Healing Path is for you.

You can always find more recommended reading on walking in our sonship at our recommended reading page, but right now I recommend you click a link to your favorite ebook vendor and pick this book up for only  2.99! No kidding, $2.99!

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