The Early Days

My story is really about going places that were not on my map. Enter the Worship Circle was not on my map, but I discovered it just the same. When I was very young I wanted to be the bionic man, an aerospace engineer, and a fine artist—in that order—none of which came to pass. When I went to college in Alabama, the nesting place of my youth, I wanted to be a youth pastor, a missionary, or just a good looking person of extreme influence. I’m not sure that was in any order... (Read more?)

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The Groundbreaking Album

... This groundbreaking record included the #1 single You Are So Good To Me that was later covered by Third Day, as well as the anthematic I Will Not Forget You and the bluesy romp of Those Who Trust. Robin and I, as the duo 100 Portraits, joined hands with Waterdeepto create this one of a kind worship in 1999 and it still a helpful gift for so many today. Afterwards Robin and I went on to record three more albums in a very similar acoustic drum circle style with three amazing teams of musicians: Second, Third, and Fourth Circle. Our commitment to the Psalms, but featuring a solo voice and single instrument, followed with four albums--Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4--in the Chair and Microphoneseries, and then we even tried an electronic worship experiment called the Village Thrift. I am still surprised how many folks have heard the First Circleand had no idea there were still 8 more albums in the Worship Circle collection! Find the free charts and lyrics with each and every Worship Circle album, and, oh, did I mention that all our singles are free?

Where is Ben Pasley?

... Hey, it’s me. I’m still here. I live in Colorado with my best friend and wife, Robin, and my two boys. Producing albums and presenting concerts was my full-time adventure for many years, but nowadays most of my attention is given to laying simple kingdom foundations as a coach and teacher. I’ve written a few books, written a ton of leadership development articles, and even developed a special enhanced-correspondence course called the Kingdom IQ Learning Community. Want to know more about joining me in my adventures?

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