My New Book ELEMENTARY is Released!

Elementary_Cover_850_300Dear friends of the Worship Circle. I want to invite you to read my latest book entitled Elementary: Following Jesus Strong and Simple. It is for sale at my personal webstore, and at places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iBookstore.

I have written it to do just what the title says, I want to help you follows Jesus, strong and simple. There are many voices speaking to us today that make following God complicated, and sometimes confusing. Jesus told us the Kingdom belonged to those who trusted God like little children, and my hope is that this book will help us all get back to the childlike basics of following Jesus.

The apostles, Paul, Peter and James, especially, had really keyed in a few super-fundamental teachings that every believer should be confident in. They would have referred them as the elementary things of following Christ. In Hebrews 6:1-3 we have an amazing outline of these teachings, and I want to go over each one with you. This book is easy to read, and positive in its tone. This book is perfect for both new believers, as well as folks who lead others in Church-community life.

Do you sometimes get a little lost when people start stringing together sentences with the words Kingdom, sonship, grace, community, justice, and ministry? I know I do. I am not sure that everyone is talking about the same things. I think our definitions have gotten spread out over many different opinions. Wouldn’t it be nice to clean these words up, and clear our heads to see the beauty in each of these popular teachings? This book will definitely help. This book focuses on the elementary building blocks that we must put together in order to make sense of things like the Kingdom of God, or God’s grace toward us.

Some of you have listened to Worship Circle music for many years, and you are still digging into the content of our songs. This book will answer many of your questions like: “Why did he say that?” “What are they singing about?” “Where did they learn that idea?” Books are a way that I can offer a much deeper discussion about my walk with Jesus, and invite you, the worshiping friends we have made, into that conversation. Would you join me in this read? It is available wherever fine paperbacks and ebooks are sold, but visit this link for even faster connections.