Do you like Free Stuff?

I-heart-Free-StuffOf course you love free stuff … at least if it’s quality stuff! I want to express my thankfulness for those of you who have taken the time to post reviews of my books or my albums at important online venues. The time you took to post a personal note on how one of my creative resources helped you, challenged you, or even disappointed you (the only thing worse than being reviewed poorly is never being reviewed at all) is of extreme value to me. I am such a small fish in an ocean of voices. Thanks for lifting me up!

So, to say thanks, I want to send you something free from my catalog at either or You can choose the single item, physical or digital, from either store! Simply send me an email to me at ben @ with a link to your new, or old, review, and then specify the free product you would enjoy as a thank you gift! Please include your physical address (offer only good in the USA) if you want a physical product, and I will have a ton of fun shipping out your thank you gift or sending you the download link!

If you have been wanting to review some of my works here are some great links:

Amazon for my Books or my Music (EWC, 100 Portraits, or Ben Pasley)
iTunes for my Books and Music (EWC, 100 Portraits or Ben Pasley)
My own website for my Books or my Music

Sincerely thankful,

Ben Pasley

P.S. Congratulations to the 5 people who won! out of 423 entries, in my Elementary Goodreads Giveaway! I am sending out the free books today!