The Early Days

My story is really about going places that were not on my map. Enter the Worship Circle was not on my map, but I discovered it just the same. When I was very young I wanted to be the bionic man, an aerospace engineer, and a fine artist—in that order—none of which came to pass. When I went to college in Alabama, the nesting place of my youth, I wanted to be a youth pastor, a missionary, or just a good looking person of extreme influence. I’m not sure that was in any order... (Read more?)

New and Highly Recommended!

Tim and Laurie Thornton from timandlaurie on Vimeo.

The Groundbreaking Album

... This groundbreaking record included the #1 single You Are So Good To Me that was later covered by Third Day, as well as the anthematic I Will Not Forget You and the bluesy romp of Those Who Trust. Robin and I, as the duo 100 Portraits, joined hands with Waterdeepto create this one of a kind worship in 1999 and it still a helpful gift for so many today. Afterwards Robin and I went on to record three more albums in a very similar acoustic drum circle style with three amazing teams of musicians: Second, Third, and Fourth Circle. Our commitment to the Psalms, but featuring a solo voice and single instrument, followed with four albums--Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4--in the Chair and Microphoneseries, and then we even tried an electronic worship experiment called the Village Thrift. I am still surprised how many folks have heard the First Circleand had no idea there were still 8 more albums in the Worship Circle collection! Find the free charts and lyrics with each and every Worship Circle album, and, oh, did I mention that all our singles are free?

Where is Ben Pasley?

... Hey, it’s me. I’m still here. I live in Colorado with my best friend and wife, Robin, and my two boys. Producing albums and presenting concerts was my full-time adventure for many years, but nowadays most of my attention is given to laying simple kingdom foundations as a coach and teacher. I’ve written a few books, written a ton of leadership development articles, and even developed a special enhanced-correspondence course called the Kingdom IQ Learning Community. Want to know more about joining me in my adventures?

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