The Albums

Enter The Worship Circle is a series of nine worship albums that have changed the texture of worship music with their unique musical style and commitment to Scriptural content. I (Ben Pasley) produced every album, but many artists have been a part of making these recordings great. The way they were recorded is interesting in itself, and the philosophy behind the albums has inspired many others to write and lead new worship. These albums might be categorized like this:

Complete Discography (In 4 Sections)

1. Original Scripture-Folk Drum Circle Worship!

This first collection of four albums are all in the original drum-circle style that started it all. We literally recorded these albums while standing in a circle, with a commitment to capture the live, sometimes unhinged, nature of worship. Acoustic instruments blend with percussion sounds from all over the world to create a music bed for the simple, Scripture-based worship songs. Many of these songs have been rerecorded by countless artists and used my a kabillion small groups and Church groups around the world. Every album features different artists, and each one is a little different…

First Circle, 1998 Second Circle, 2001 Third Circle, 2003 Fourth Circle, 2008
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2. Solo Songwriters Unplugged and Personal

In keeping with our commitment to the Scriptures, we felt that a solo singer-songwriter series would give a very personal voice to the Psalmists and their, often, very personal songs. Four different artists are represented here, each with their own unique connection to the Psalms. Many of these songs have gone on to played by full bands in fellowships, and even be featured in broadcast television.

Chair and Microphone, Vol. 1, 2002 Chair and Microphone, Vol. 2, 2006 Chair and Microphone, Vol. 3, 2008 Chair and Microphone, Vol. 4, 2010
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3. Electronic Worship Album and 100 Portraits, Too!

Here I include one final Enter The Worship Circle album which is unusually electronic-urban-atmospheric, and also the albums I produced before the Enter The Worship Circle series with my wife Robin when we were 100 Portraits.

Village Thrift, Circa 2005 100 Portraits: Five Wise Virgins, 1997 100 Portraits: Time Will Be The Tell, 1995

The Village Thrift album marks a significant departure sonically, but it has the same Psalmic worship heart! The Worship Circle team infused electronica, experimental urban, and atmospheric together to create a worship album that was way ahead of its time.

Five Wise Virgins is a journey through the romance of Christ pursing his bride. It contains images from Hosea and the Song of Solomon, and will sweep you into the heart of God in a whole new way. It is a strict duo project from when Ben and Robin were touring college campuses, and it is their best alt-rock offering with a sound that has not yet been duplicated.
This album was written by Ben during the season he fell in love with his wife to be, Robin, and was produced during their engagement year in 1994. It is full-band rock with bass and drums, Robin’s captivating vocal counters, and it confronts the unbelieving spirit-of-the-age in a 90’s rock atmosphere. The Remix is also available.

4. My Recent Solo Releases

I have been allowing my musical creativity to get re-connected with my southern-rock roots. These, musically, may seem quite different than the bulk of the Enter The Worship Circle catalog, but listen close and you will here the musical connection in the country elements, the soul-rants, and the rock progressions. What never changes is my heart to discover the beautiful heart of God for those of us who are hurting, searching, and in need of help

Residue, 2013 Elemental, 2015

This album is a southern rock opera. The story arc that travels from deepest loss to the hopeful longings of the lonely and wounded. The grinding lyrics and the soaring slide guitar solos are full of that searching and longing.
This album grew out of my book with a similar title, Elementary, which is a book covering the simplest things of following Jesus. This album is Southern soul food and it reflects every important point of the book.

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