MP3 Album: Chair and Microphone, Vol. 3

Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Featuring: Karla Adolphe
File Type: ZIP
File Size: 88.32 MB
Total Tracks: 16
Release Date: 05/2008
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Description This MP3 Album is collected into a single ZIP file for you to download. It includes album art in a PDF booklet as well, and includes photos from the recording and of the performers that have never been released until now! Karla Adolphe is a uniquely powerful talent from Canada and is the featured artist. This album takes a decidedly different turn with a powerhouse female lead who plays both guitar and piano in this much awaited third album in the series. Karla is married to Gary Adolphe and live, along with their dog, Sam, in Alberta, Canada. This album is a 16 song ride on the passionate voice and beautiful perspective that Karla brings to all her work. All the songs are written and performed by her with one instrument in a small studio space in the mountains of Colorado. The content follows the Worship Circle's commitment to plagiarize the Psalms, but her mix of melancholy personal journey and soaring vision of God as Father of a family is an especially stirring combination. Credits Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben Pasley in Woodland Park, Colorado. Assistant engineers: Aaron Strumpel, Gary Adolphe, Robin Pasley. All songs written and performed by Karla Adolphe. Design by Luke Flowers ( Notes from Karla: Ben and Robin, thanks for seeing the bigger picture and calling me into it, I love you! Bear, I love you. Caleb you are simply wonderful. Tracy, Aaron, Tim & Laurie, Dave & Ally, Kate, Trace & Becca, Tony, and Todd & Laurel ... it is so fun to find family with you! Thanks to all the Canucks who keep us rolling. Fatty, Christy, Judy, Rebecca, and Benita this one's for you.
Album Tracks Creation Notes Professional thanks to Presonus Audio for the magnificent ADL-600 microphone preamp, SIT Strings which really do 'Stay in Tune,' and PSP Audioware the makers of fine, affordable audio plugins ... all used exclusively on this album. The piano was big, old upright player piano by Cable Nelson. Important Links Find this album on iTunes Karla Adolphe's Website Karla's Rusty Caravan Worship Circle on YouTube
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
"Helping people fall in love with God is our lifelong work!"
City: Woodland Park
State: Colorado
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