Highly Recommended!

I have many creative friends, but these are some of my closer partners in heart sharing, life work, and I whole heartedly recommend them to you. Links to their own websites, blogfeeds, calendars, booking information can all be found by clicking through from here!

...Tim and Laurie Thornton

We highly recommend Tim and Laurie to you as worship leaders, as well as trusted pastors, teachers, and kingdom life leaders.

...Aaron Strumpel

We love to recommend our great friend, Aaron, who has a heart not only equip a new generation of great worship leaders, but also to lead people into the Father’s love.

...Karla Adolphe

If you are in Canada, Karla Adolphe and her husband Gary are treasures for you to find. They are great friends and will be tremendous encouragement to you in your journey.

...Tim Coons

Tim Coons is an amazing talent and prolific writer, a worship leader, and a man we would love to recommend to you.

...Robin Pasley

A writer, counselor and creative Robin Pasley is always up to something new. Visit her site, through the link, and find out…

...Ben Pasley

Ben now spends most of his time writing books and developing coaching resources for people to mature and grow up in kingdom life. Want to know more?

Aaron Strumpel

Todd Berger

Ryan Lott

Doc Harrill

Tim and Laurie Thornton

Karla Adolphe

Caleb Freisen

Tim Coons

Here are more of our incredible tech teams and support crews who worked to make the albums great:

Barry Garrett

Pam Crawford

Barry Patterson

Sarah McMillan

John Mark McMillan

Rocky Presley

Aaron Strumpel

David Wilton

And finally the visual artists whose contribution to cover designs and web design were just stellar:

Boyd Dupree

Jay Simmons

Bobby Jones

Todd Berger

Luke Flowers

Chris Wang

Kyle Steed