CD: First Circle

Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Featuring: Ben and Robin Pasley, Don and Lori Chaffer, Brandon and Christina Graves, Robert Crawford
Total Tracks: 15
Release Date: 01/1999
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Packaging: CD in Eco-Wallet --- SHIPPING TO USA ONLY
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Description This is a production CD in a professional package. Eco-Wallets are single fold books in full color. Originally recorded by 100 Portraits and Waterdeep this song was digitally remastered in November 2011. It has been said that no other independently produced worship album has ever changed the culture of worship more than this first album. Enter the Worship Circle is a 'live' thing all the way. No overdubs or studio retakes...they hit 'record' and went for it! They played acoustic guitars, penny whistle, harmonica, as well as scads of percussion pieces including: djembe, bombo, tambourine, kanjira, snare, bass drum, cymbals, tabala, dumbeks, dholak, tongue drum, shakers, goat toes, cookie sheet, huge rain stick, chimes, bells, bongos, and other stuff ... but almost everything on the recording can be played with one guitar and one hand drum, so get it and go for it! The digital remastering of 2011 restored energy and life to the audio and added some clarity to the sounds. Credits Recorded by Barry Garret on location at Windfall Lodge, Possum Kingdom, TX. Mixed by Ben and Robin Pasley at Cafe De Basement, Akron, Ohio except 'Today' and 'I Could Run Away' mixed by Barry Patterson at Paradise Sound and Hal Fitzgerald at Loomis Productions, Sachse, TX. Mastered by Barry Patterson at Paradise Sound, Sachse, TX. Robert Crawford: percussion, Pam Crawford: intercession, hospitality, Brandon Graves: percussion, Christina Graves: guitar, vocals, Don Chaffer: guitar, vocals, penny whistle, harmonica, Lori Chaffer: guitar, vocals, Ben Pasley: guitar, vocals, percussion, Robin Pasley: percussion,vocals. Design by Boyd DuPree, Tyler, TX.
Album Tracks Creation Notes All these songs were recorded over three days in a lake lodge in TX. We all stood in a big circle around vocal microphones, and we ran a snake down the hall to the bedroom control room and ADATs. We miked up everything and pushed record. Mixed on a 16 channel analog board in Ben's basement. Remastered in 2011 exclusively for this website. Important Links Waterdeep Worship Circle on iTunes Ben Pasley Worship Circle Facebook Band Page
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
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