CD: Chair and Microphone, Vol. 1

Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Featuring: Ben Pasley
Total Tracks: 13
Release Date: 02/2004
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Description This is a production CD in a professional package. A jewel case contains the CD and a color booklet. One instrument and one voice. Recorded 'in one pass' this recording bleeds out the heart of Ben Pasley in conversation with God. There is compliment and complaint, loving anthem and stiff argument--it is both polite and brutal. With a musical history in southern rock, folk, and world music, he blends a simple guitar style with a masterful collection of emotion set to lyric. This new Chair and Microphone series of albums will always feature one performer's voice and one accompanying instrument played 'live' in a raw, unplugged fashion. This is the singer/songwriter genre in its most vulnerable form. The recordings were completed in a 'one pass' approach with no overdubs. Only a handful of microphones were employed to capture the most natural sound of the performer. Credits All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben Pasley at the Blue Renaissance Studios in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Engineering assistance by Aaron Strumpel, Sue Fletcher, Robin, Zane, and Xander Pasley. All songs registered with CCLI. The sounds of this recording were greatly enhanced by the following friends: Presonus Audio and Rick Naqvi for some of the best recording preamps in the world, Larrivee Guitars for guitars that sound great to tape, SIT Strings which really do 'Stay In Tune', and LR Baggs for the very best acoustic guitar pickup systems for live performance. Bobby Jones, thanks for the great art and cover design.
Album Tracks Creation Notes A great deal of this recording was written within a few days of recording. If not for Aaron Strumpel and the Smokey Big Bite at 7/11 it probably wouldn't have happened. Writing songs for a solo album was harder and it took a lot of bravery, but the whole ideas was just so important to get started... Important Links Find this album at iTunes Ben Pasley's Website Ben's Books at Amazon Worship Circle Facebook Band Page
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
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