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Back to Basics eBook Release!

2014-08-29 09:00:21 benpasley

Back to BasicsBack in 2009, I invited Doug Roberts and Tim Thornton for a weekend retreat in the mountains of Colorado so we could fish, spend time together, and write a book! Doug has some great foundational teachings on following Jesus, and we though we could just have him pull out his notes, and we could have an open conversation together on each one. There were 8 teachings, 8 conversations, and now there are 8 chapters.

You will love this book because it has storytelling that is wrapped in a normal conversation between people. It is not a teaching book, in the strict sense of that idea, but it does contain the kinds of basic teachings that will set you on a solid foundation in Christ. It is one of our most popular resources.

Please consider the links below were the ebooks are available for $3.99 or less! The paperback is at our own website, as well, for only $6.99 for a single copy, and you can, as always, get a 10 pack for only $4.99 each!

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