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Massive update to TOM and the Goldfish Bowl

2014-10-15 15:00:22 benpasley

TOM-front-cover-300TOM-back-cover-300I first wrote TOM and the Goldfish Bowl back in 2009. I wanted to share a simple allegory on how to understand the difference between the Kingdom of God, the Church, and the traditions of men. It was a good idea, but after re-reading it this year, I decided it was not simple enough, and was not kind enough for folks asking these questions for the first time. Many people want to know if the Church and the Kingdom are the same, or how they relate to one another. Many want to get a better grip on why Jesus talked constantly about the Kingdom, but why we talk constantly about Church. This book is written to bring quick clarity to those questions, and is now it flows with a little softer tone, and much easier to read style.

I re-wrote it this year to make it smoother and faster to read. It is about 10% shorter, and is written in a more casual and personal style. If you have the previous version and liked it, then you will love the tone change in this book, and you will want to buy this one for friends … even friends who are new to the faith. The really great news is that it is finally in ebook form as well! You can find it for only $3.99 at all these retail outlets, listed below, so please go download a copy today! The paperback version is now only $6.99 and is available at my own website, and in a few weeks this new version will appear at places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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