Song Lyrics: Everlasting Love

Scripture: Psalm 109:1-31
Topics: Salvation, Intimacy
Style: Acoustic, Folk
Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Album: Third Circle
Featuring: Ben Pasley, Robin Pasley, Barry Patterson, Michelle Patterson, Stephen Roach, Kate Hurley, Kelly Nygren
File Type: RTF
Release Date: 10/2003
Album Track #: 4
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Description This song lyric file is in a RTF file ready to cut and paste! This track shows Barry's heart for expressing the faithfulness of Father for us comes through so clearly. In upbeat tones everyone sings, 'You have loved me with everlasting love ... you've taken me in.' Creation Notes Our Lyric Sheets are simple RTF files and will open on any computer. They are unformatted so it is easy for you to cut and paste them wherever you need them. If you plan to use them in large group worship settings just be sure to record the usage for CCLI.
Creator(s) Barry Patterson Publisher(s) My Ebenezer Music Credits Special thanks to all our writers over the years for sharing their lyric sheets, free of charge, as a gift to the people of God. The most generous songwriters and musicians in the world have created the Worship Circle albums together. Thanks again. Important Links two Find this album at iTunes Barry and Michelle's Website Kate Hurley's Website Stephen Roach's Website
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
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