These folks make some amazing audio recording gear, computer interfaces, and microphone preamplifiers. Ben began using Presonus way back in 2000 or so when he bought his first M-80 mic preamp. Presonus preamps have been used on every Enter The Worship Circle recording since that time, and special love is reserved for the amazing ADL600, an all-tube preamplifier designed by the venerable Anthony Demaria Labs. Their firewire line of audio interfaces, specifically the Firestudio Tube, Project, and Mobile, have also become essential tools in the Worship Circle studio. Thanks to Rick Naqvi and all the Presonus team.

Ben’s first Larrivee was a pair of simply finished, and simply designed D-03’s back in the late 90’s. The sound was bigger and warmer than most newer guitars, easy to play, and the construction and aesthetic was in keeping with the luthier’s trade. Now he plays a D-05 mahogany back and sides model with a cutaway, and has recorded every single worship circle album playing a Larrivee acoustic guitar.

PSP Audioware is an amazing software company from Poland (those eastern Europeans are great software designers) first came into view when Ben was mixing the Chair and Microphone, Vol. 3 album and was looking for some options away from the difficult and expensive Waves plugin company and found, first, the Xenon Master Limiter. It sounded more musical, softer, and fuller than any other limiter he had used, and he employed it with great success on that album and every album he has produced ever since. The plugins are especially geared toward classic analog gear tones, they are very affordable, and if there was one plugin set to purchase before all others it would be their simple collection of basic plugs called the PSP Mixpack 2.



Ben loves microphone preamps with character and impressive old school texture. Enter the Phoenix Audio company with the Phoenix DRSQ-4 a two channel microphone preamp and parametric EQ built to standards that ridiculously demanding audio professionals crave. Ben employed the Phoenix on the Chair and Microphone, Vol. 4 album and was hooked, even after trying many other Neve-style preamps, it stood out in clarity and flexibility all the while being able to get furry and aggressive on just about anything. The Phoenix Nicerizer 16v2 entered the Worship Circle studios in late 2011 and words are being used to describe it that have to be whispered among audio professionals who love mixing OTB and love mastering through true, transformer rich, analog circuits.

SIT stands for “Stay In Tune” and that is no joke. Ben thinks they might consider calling them SNT Stings for “Stay Not Broke” as well, pardon the bad English, because the reason he first loved them was when he found out he could beat pack of medium bronze strings from SIT to death in a concert and not break the B or G string every show. Yes, finally, he proclaimed after years of breaking strings, “I can abuse them, and they don’t break, and they hold their timbre and tuning better than anything I have ever played.” He only strings with SIT and has done so since 1999.