For those of us who speak in normal English here is a few of the most important parts of our legal information in informal terms:

CONSIGNMENT SALES AGREEMENT is a consignment business that receives products from worship resource Artists and sells them to Users. In other words, helps their worship Artists (Publishers and Authors who self publish) upload their digital worship resources, and then sell them on the website without ever assuming any ownership of the works.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY doesn’t own the content submitted by its worship Artists or assume any intellectual property rights, but it does receive a commission on each sale it makes to the public as a consignment broker to Users of the .com website.

RESTRICTED USE OF PRODUCTS sells restricted-use digital media to the customer, or User, of the site. You, the User of the website, can purchase digital files for personal use only and you are expected to never copy, resell, or redistribute it, in whole or in part, in any way. You can make backups of the files for yourself, or copy it so you can play it on your portable devices, but you may not copy them for others. Send your friends to the website!

LIABILITY is not liable for anything silly or illegal you do with anything in or from this website, is not liable for anything on this site that offends you, is not in anyway liable to pay you anything for anything that is submitted to this site as content, comments, links, descriptions, etc. unless otherwise clearly stated in the official Artist Agreement or User Agreement, and is not liable for anything any worship Artist publishes that you don’t like, ever.


All content on this site, regardless of source, is granted free license for ’s promotional use all over the known universe forever. will never use a whole media file for promotional use, but does reserve the right to excerpt.


Though does not offer refunds on digital media purchases or services rendered, they do want to do everything possible to impress you with customer service. No matter what happens we are nice people who want you to be happy and we will do everything we can to keep you satisfied as a publishing Artist or resource purchasing User forever, and ever, within reason, amen.

FAMILY FRIENDLY is a family friendly enterprise that reserves the absolute right to refuse any submission of content and to remove any content it finds less than family friendly. , alone, reserves the right to decide what is “family friendly” and does not share that judgement with anyone. ’s goal is to release beautiful works of art to the public in an environment where even younger people can surf the catalog without fear of encountering obviously objectionable content.


Now, for links to the unbelievably long, but officially deep and wide legal documents that you are in full agreement with if you use this site as a customer, Artist, or in any other way:

  1. User (Customer) Agreement

  2. Artist (Publisher) Agreement

  3. Store Policy

  4. About This Site (Community Guidelines)