100 Portraits, Five Wise Virgins : MP3 Album

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Men With Knives
Austin Song
Yah Yah
Solomon Song
I Walk Alone
Mercy Moves Me
Around My Neck
All I Know

This is a very high quality MP3 album and great PDF cover art inside a single ZIP file. Most mobile users will need to download first at their computers and then sync via iTunes or other software. Thanks for supporting Enter The Worship Circle!

Product Description

This is 100 Portraits‘ (Ben and Robin Pasley) last project as a duo before their adventures in recording the Enter The Worship Circle series began. It is a serious musical work and best reflects their musical gifts woven together over the first few years of their marriage. The theme is clearly focused on the romantic, pursuing nature of God. Without a bass player Robin’s djembe and low tuned drums carried the heavy down beats and filled the warm spaces of the tracks, while Ben’s inventive guitar style layered acoustic tones and electric tones at the same time. Pictures of Christ, the pursuing lover, from Song of Solomon, Ezekiel 16, and Hosea 2:16 are everywhere. Written for spiritual seekers and performed almost exclusively on college campuses, bars, clubs, and coffee houses, Five Wise Virgins, is full of imagery and prophetic pictures that unfold God as something much, much more than just a sovereign force-in this album he is also the tender, romantic, wild, and unrelenting lover of our souls! The digital remastering of 2011 restored life and clarity to the original!

Produced by Ben and Robin Pasley, 100 Portraits. Recorded by 100 Portraits at Paradise Sound, Sachse, Texas courtesy Joe Hargrave, and at Impact Productions in Hurst, Texas courtesy Dan Millican. Mixed by Joe Hargrave, Barry Young, and 100 Portraits at Paradise Sound. All photography by Kevin Cole. Design by Boyd Dupree and Jay Simmons. Special thanks to Joe Hargrave for so much help over those early years.

Most of the songs were written spontaneously by reading passages from the Bible and then recording their free, and loose jam sessions on guitar and drums. Listening back to the jams Ben and Robin would pull the best stuff out and work to build full songs. The album was digitally remastered in 2011 exclusively for this website.

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