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Ben Pasley, Residue : MP3 Album

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Music can be a spiritual roadmap and Residue aims to draw one, even if with a blunt piece of burning charcoal.

This album is a southern rock opera. The story arc that travels from deepest loss to the hopeful longings of the lonely and wounded. The grinding lyrics and the soaring slide guitar solos are full of that searching and longing. There are also hopefulness tones, but the album never apologizes for the hardness of the human experience. Ben’s own experience is woven into the album, but it is much more than a personal story…it could be your story, or of someone you care for. Recorded in 2013, this is a unique rock album from Ben Pasley, the producer of Enter The Worship Circle.

Presently this album is only available as an MP3 download. This is a very high quality MP3 album and great PDF cover art inside a single ZIP file. Most mobile users will need to download first at their computers and then sync via iTunes or other software. Thanks for supporting Enter The Worship Circle!


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Wounding Tree
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My Baby
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“free" “free" “free"
Sweet Honey
“free" “free" “free"
Rugged Old Hand
“free" “free" “free"
Field of Regret
“free" “free"
Old Boy
“free" “free" “free"
Joy Bird
“free" “free" “free"
We Dream
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Ben Pasley is the artist and producer behind the popular Enter The Worship Circle series of recordings that have featured Waterdeep, and were re-recorded by Third Day and hundreds of other artists. He and his wife toured as 100 Portraits in the 90’s and in some way this album is the first in similar tone and content. This is Ben’s first solo effort since the 2002 release of Chair and Microphone, Vol. 1 an acoustic album centered on re-voicing the Psalms. This album is very different than both the 100 Portraits days, as well as Enter The Worship Circle.

This is a rock album with deep southern roots. The sounds were inspired by bands like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, and Led Zeppelin and serious effort was made to reproduce the feel of that era of music and still produce an album that fits into the modern era. Robert Crawford, on drums, was playing drums during the 70’s and brought life experience to the recording space. All the drums were tracked in a gigantic local theater that sounded like a bomb shelter and gives the album a larger than life sound. Todd Anderson played all the bass guitars through old tube gear that was almost more trouble than it was worth. The soaring electric guitars were played by none other than Ben’s youngest brother, Jeff Pasley, who has toured extensively in the south as a band leader and guitar front man for southern and roots rock efforts. Ben and Jeff were born and raised on southern cornbread in central Alabama. Some music can’t be played well unless it comes from the soil of the soul, and this album will reveal some things about their internal roots.

Ben Pasley performed all the vocals, including the background ladies, and played some guitars across the album. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ben Pasley from Woodland Park, Colorado in the fall of 2013.

In an effort to reproduce the density and deep tones of ’70’s rock that was always recorded through big analog boards to a big tape machine Ben actually invented a musical device that adds size to music in all stages of the process. The devices are found at, and they were used on almost every single track on the album!

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2 reviews for Ben Pasley, Residue : MP3 Album

  1. 5 out of 5


    I love this record. It sounds vintage old school, the songs have some major journeys going through them, and I just really dig it when Ben sings!

  2. 4 out of 5


    I really like this album. It’s not all that similar the Enter the Worship Circle, maybe closest to Stricken and Coltrain off of Chair and Microphone, vol 2. This album is more gritty, addresses wrestling with faith and trials. It’s more of how I feel mid week than a Sunday morning worship album. Great beat to it to.

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