Sampler: Worship Circle Mixtape: Favorites, Side A

Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Featuring: Pasley, Thornton, Strumpel, Coons, Chaffer, Adolphe, Patterson
File Type: ZIP
File Size: 74.69 MB
Total Tracks: 12
Release Date: 07/2012
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Description This is a ZIP file containing 12 MP3 song files which you can drop into any player or computer or burn to a disc. We think this is a great sampler to give a friend or to enjoy a touch from all 9 of our Worship Circle albums! Credits Meet the artists by clicking the Worship Circle Artists link at the bottom of this webpage. So many beautiful people worked together to bring you these songs. These records were all done in one take live recordings, except songs from the electronic Village Thrift albums, and all the songs are full of Scripture and rhythms you can feel.
Album Tracks Creation Notes Collected in 2012 as a "best of" offering from the Worship Circle team. Important Links Facebook Page Facebook Group
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
"Helping people fall in love with God is our lifelong work!"
City: Woodland Park
State: Colorado
Member Since: 12/2011