MP3 Song: Be Still

Scripture: Psalm 46:10
Topics: Comfort, Meditation
Style: Acoustic, Pop
Artist: Holly Kluge
File Type: MP3
File Size: 5.59 MB
Length: 04:39
Release Date: 05/2012
Album Track #: 10
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Description Be Still Written by Holly Kluge 2011 (January) Verse I: Oh weary soul, Come and sit for a while. Stop runnin’ ‘round, Come and rest for a while. Verse 2: Oh hurting heart, Come and sit in my arms. Stop tryin’ to hide, Come let me heal you inside. Chorus: Come and be still for a while Quiet your soul for a time Don’t say a word, Just come listen and be. Be still. Verse 3: Oh lonely soul, Come and sit by my side. Know you are loved, Take my hand. You’re not alone Verse 4: Oh thirsty soul, Come and sit here with me. Drink what I am. Come let me fill you again Creation Notes The Band:
Holly Kluge- vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, and keys (tracks 8,9,10)
Dave Kluge- bass guitar, upright bass
Heather Misula- violin
John Kluge- cello, trombone
Natalie Fuller- trumpet
Matt Doi- bass clarinet
Matt Curlee- keys (tracks- 3, 4, 7)
Creator(s) Holly Kluge Publisher(s) Holly Kluge Credits All lyrics and music written by
Holly Kluge (ASCAP)

Produced by Holly Kluge
Engineered and mixed by
Matt Curlee (Third Strand Music)
Assistant engineers:
Dave Kluge and Holly Kluge
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC
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Contributor: Holly Kluge
" soulful and beautifully expressive"
City: Rochester
State: NY
Member Since: 05/2012