Scripture: Psalm 91:1-16
Topics: Comfort, Death
Style: Acoustic, Acoustic
File Type: MP3
File Size: 8.55 MB
Length: 03:34
Release Date: 06/2012
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Description This is a song of comfort from the Holy Spirit. We know that one day we will be united again in the presence of God with all those who died in Christ Jesus. But some days it is just hard. Sometimes, even though I know that Dad is right where he wants to be, in the presence of the Lord, I still am so heartbroken that he is gone. This song says that when I am feeling overwhelmed with sadness at missing him, that I can go to the Father and just start worshiping Jesus, and when I do that, I am somehow brought into "the secret place". Through faith, I am worshiping in the throne room and Dad is there too worshiping, and it just comforting to know that we are together again worshiping God like we used to do. Even more awesome is that one day, my faith will become replaced with the actuality of seeing Jesus and worshiping Him and never having to leave. That is the only downside to being in the manifest presence of the Lord here on earth is that it ends. We have to leave the prayer closet, the secret place, and go to our jobs or whatever. But one day we will worship forever in the perfection and beauty of holiness. Creation Notes The Holy Spirit gave me this song a couple weeks after my dad died. My dad and I loved to spend time together talking about Jesus, and that is the thing that I miss the most....our relationship in Jesus, but God showed me that Dad is in the inner courts worshiping God right now, and that when I worship God we are still worshiping Him together, and that even better one we will both worship Him face to face. The Holy Ghost truly is our comforter and He brought me great comfort with this song.
Creator(s) The Holy Ghost have it to me.... Publisher(s) I don't have a publishing company. Credits God gave me this song in the middle of a Wednesday night prayer service and so after everyone left, I just sat down at the piano and recorded it by myself on my MP3 player that I my dad gave me. Important Links two
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"I am my Fathers Daughter"
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