MP3 Song: Words

Scripture: Acts 2:38-39
Topics: Repentance, Courage
Style: Ballad, Acoustic
Artist: Jefferson Bennett
Album: Words EP
File Type: MP3
File Size: 4.60 MB
Length: 03:12
Release Date: 05/2009
Album Track #: 4
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Description Special song. Evangelistic. Honest. Confession. Creation Notes I was praying one evening for the right words to speak to a friend who was not a Christian. I struggle daily with fear especially when it comes to sharing the gospel and this song ended up being a way for me to sing what I was unable speak, and, in time, was able to speak.
Creator(s) Jefferson Bennett Publisher(s) Jefferson Bennett Credits Iron, Wood, & Ivory Studios. Important Links two
Contributor: Jefferson Bennett
""I am the good shepherd I know my own and my own know me."-Jesus"
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State: Ohio
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