MP3 Song: Pour out your spirit

Scripture: Acts 1:8-9
Topics: Holy Spirit, Healing
Style: Rock, Powerful
Artist: Matthew Cranley
Featuring: Andrew Laubacher
File Type: MP3
File Size: 4.13 MB
Length: 04:18
Release Date: 09/2012
Album Track #: 1
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Description This is a song created to bring about a greater desire for the holy spirit within the life of the soul. Creation Notes This song came about with a desire to bless the Church and minister to its members. This song was spontaneously created with me on Vox and Electric and Andrew on Drums, we layered the parts and just let the holy spirit lead the creativity.
Creator(s) Matthew Cranley & Andrew Laubacher Publisher(s) Matthew Cranley Credits Matthew Cranley and Andrew Laubacher Important Links two
Contributor: Matthew Cranley
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State: Florida
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