MP3 Song: He Who Guides My Steps

Scripture: Psalm 121:1-8
Topics: Trust, Comfort
Style: Meditative, Minimalist
Artist: Mark Goering
Album: Songs of Light EP
File Type: MP3
File Size: 3.67 MB
Length: 02:50
Release Date: 11/2012
Album Track #: 1
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Description Meditative song following psalm 121. Creation Notes In November of 2012 I began to learn about worship. I bought a ukulele and found myself worshiping Jesus in a more authentic way while writing new songs. In a personal "dark night of the soul," I found myself singing songs of light. So, I recorded some lo-fi tracks and these sketches are the result. Please click the Bandcamp link to the right to listen to the complete track.
Creator(s) Mark Goering Publisher(s) Mark Goering Credits Mark Goering Important Links two Bandcamp
Contributor: markgoering
"Arise and shine!"
City: OKC
State: Oklahoma
Member Since: 11/2012