MP3 Song: Heavenly Places

Scripture: Ephesians 2:5-6
Topics: Kingdom, Jesus
Style: Rock, Energetic
Artist: Many Sparrows
Album: The Heights
Featuring: Daniel Wall - vocals, acoustic guitar Asia Wall - vocals Adam Wiese - midi
File Type: MP3
File Size: 7.49 MB
Length: 03:05
Release Date: 12/2012
Album Track #: 3
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Description Heavenly Places is about the reality that we are not only living in the physical world, moving through linear time and space, but we are also seated in heavenly places in Jesus, ruling and reigning with him. Creation Notes Writing for this song originally began on 1/4/2003, and was inspired by revelation from the Father that we are actually raised with Christ Jesus and seated in heavenly places with Him; I was amazed and moved by this awesome and paradoxical truth. Kyle Steed was also a part of the inspiration because we were hanging out together as newly born-again believers in Christ, having a good time worshiping and fellowshipping in the Spirit.
Creator(s) Daniel Wall Publisher(s) Cara Nova Records Credits Recorded by Adam Wiese in McKinney, Texas and mixed/mastered by David Wilton. Important Links two Visit Reverbnation for more songs and info. on live shows.
Contributor: Many Sparrows
"...He enables me to go on the heights."
City: Denton
State: Texas (TX)
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