MP3 Song: Dance Dance

Scripture: Psalm 30:1-12
Topics: Praise, Joy
Style: Energetic, Happy
Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Album: Third Circle
Featuring: Ben Pasley, Robin Pasley, Barry Patterson, Michelle Patterson, Stephen Roach, Kate Hurley, Kelly Nygren
File Type: MP3
File Size: 5.22 MB
Length: 03:24
Release Date: 10/2003
Album Track #: 7
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Description This MP3 track leads with the hammered dulcimer and continues in bright and colorful 6/8 time. It is full of joy and, well, dancing! Like its predecessors, Third Circle continues to rely on sounds from around the world. Percussive instruments from South America, the Andes, the Mediterranean, the Far East, Africa, and the Western traditions are fused together to form a unique tribal sound. 'Enter The Worship Circle belongs to the people,' says Ben Pasley. 'The religious, irreligious, seekers, avoiders, traditionalists, post-modernists, the liturgical and the irreverent. Enter The Worship Circle is for anyone who has ever had an urge to have a conversation with God.' The songs on Third Circle were not poured-over in the tirelessly rehearsed manner typical of many studio recordings. Instead, the unrehearsed artists were spontaneously assembled and recorded, capturing the sound of raw, unpolished conversation with God. Creation Notes The drummers and the singers are all in a circle so they can see each other and enjoy one another's energy. Some vocalists are also playing the guitar, or in Robin's case, playing the drums at the same time they were singing. The listening engineer was down the hall with headphones on to each song as it went down live...
Creator(s) Kate Hurley, Michelle Patterson Publisher(s) Mercy Projects, My Ebenezer Music Credits Recorded by Ben Pasley, Barry Patterson, and Justin Nygren at about 9,000 feet above sea level in South Fork, Colorado Mixed and mastered by Ben Pasley in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cover design and artwork by Jay Simmons. Photography by Justin Nygren and Sue Fletcher. Kate Hurley: Vocals, Guitars, Pennywhistle. Kelly Nygren: Hand Drums, Percussion. Ben Pasley: Vocals, Guitars, Shakers. Robin Pasley: Vocals, Hand Drums, Percussion. Xander Pasley: Vocals. Barry Patterson: Vocals, Guitars. Michelle Patterson: Vocals, Guitars. Stephen Roach: Hand Drums, Percussion, Spoken word Important Links two Find this album at iTunes Barry and Michelle's Website Kate Hurley's Website Stephen Roach's Website
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
"Helping people fall in love with God is our lifelong work!"
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