MP3 Song: Give Me Your Hand

Scripture: Psalm 133:1-3
Topics: Safety, Intimacy
Style: Powerful, Anthem
Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Album: Fourth Circle
Featuring: Ben Pasley, Robin Pasley, Tim Thornton, Laurie Thornton, Karla Adolphe, Aaron Strumpel, Caleb Friesen
File Type: MP3
File Size: 5.92 MB
Length: 03:35
Release Date: 03/2008
Album Track #: 3
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Description Well, if you have never hear a glockenspiel and a calimba played together here is your chance. A quirky tune that builds over the restrain of how we love one another as the family of God into a crescendo of unbridled joy that, 'There are none to poor, too dirty, too broken, too naked, to stupid, to be ... thrown outside his love!' The Fourth Circle enters the Enter The Worship Circle family in keeping with the heart of the very first release in 1999. No overdubs, no studio retakes...we just hit record and start worshiping! The songs are birthed by meditating in the Psalms and entering the ancient conversation, and then we begin to unfold our own personal conversation with the Father. You can do this, too. For the sake of your own Divine love life, and for the sake of those you love...go write and share some new songs. Let's share what little we have with those we love. Creation Notes Like most all of the Worship Circle albums this was recorded using tons of gear from Presonus audio, and mixed with plugins from PSP Audioware, played on guitars from Larrivee, strings from SIT, and we kept it simple in Logic Pro on our Apple computers. Method: turn everything on and hit record before anyone can think to much about it.
Creator(s) Aaron Strumpel Publisher(s) Thristy Dirt Records Credits Recorded by Ben Pasley and David Wilton in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mixed and mastered by Ben Pasley in Woodland Park, Colorado. All songs written and performed by Aaron Strumpel, Karla Adolphe, Caleb Friesen, Ben and Robin Pasley, and Tim and Laurie Thornton on instruments like the violin, viola, mandolin, bazooki, guitar, twelve string, baritone, harmonica, glockenspiel, kalimba, cajon, bombo, inverted kick, djembe, udu, and anything else laying around that could be beaten or shaken in time. Guest vocals, stomping, clapping and crying by David and Ally Wilton, Gary Adolphe, Laura McGladrey Griebling, and Ellie Thornton. Design: Boyd Dupree, Todd Berger. Important Links two Find this album on iTunes Tim and Laurie Thornton Karla Adolphe Aaron Strumpel
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
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State: Colorado
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