MP3 Song: Twenty Three

Scripture: Psalm 23:1-6
Topics: Salvation, Faith
Style: Acoustic, Anthem
Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Album: Chair and Microphone, Vol. 2
Featuring: Aaron Strumpel
File Type: MP3
File Size: 7.09 MB
Length: 04:41
Release Date: 08/2006
Album Track #: 13
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Description Maybe one of the best worship songs ever written, but that is our opinion. This song allows you to put the truth in your mouth and sing it until you believe it. God is our provision, and he is more than enough. Aaron Strumpel is an artist originally from Iowa who now lives in Colorado. His heart for helping people has led him into community with the Enter the Worship Circle family. This second in the Chair and Microphone series is a raw recording of one artist and one instrument with no overdubs and no polished studio production. The goal is to let the artist be both accessible and vulnerable. This recording is an unapologetic conversation with God, and it has the power to lead the listener on a journey to protest, adore, discover, and relocate inside of that conversation. The protest in this album is on behalf of the hurting in the world. Aaron's international ministry experience has broken his heart for the poor and oppressed. His album, his concerts, and his lifestyle promote help for others. Aaron has a genuine compassion for the hurting, not just an affiliation with a cause. Creation Notes Retreating together in the high country Aaron and Ben battled chapped lips and the lack of oxygen to record this album in an ancient lodge-style building with a giant moose head in the control room. A few microphones, a few Presonus preamps, and a big record button ... it's all you really need.
Creator(s) Aaron Strumpel Publisher(s) Thirsty Dirt Records Credits All songs recorded on location at the Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado Springs, CO, and mixed and mastered by Ben Pasley in Woodland Park, CO. All songs written and performed by Aaron Strumpel ( Cover design and artwork by Luke Flowers ( Original iconography by Boyd Dupree. Important Links two Find this album on iTunes. Aaron Strumpel's Website
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
"Helping people fall in love with God is our lifelong work!"
City: Woodland Park
State: Colorado
Member Since: 12/2011