MP3 Song: The Cupboards Full

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13
Topics: Thankfulness, Trust
Style: Acoustic, Folk
Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Album: Chair and Microphone, Vol. 4
Featuring: Tim Coons
File Type: MP3
File Size: 5.75 MB
Length: 04:11
Release Date: 09/2010
Album Track #: 15
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Description One of the best songs on being absolutely satisfied in God that we have ever heard. On the piano or the guitar this song is what the family needs. Tim Coons is the featured artist for Chair and Microphone, Vol. 4 which is a raw recording of one artist and one instrument with no overdubs and no polished studio production. The goal is to let the artist be both accessible and vulnerable. This recording is an unapologetic conversation with God, and it has the power to lead the listener on a journey to protest, adore, discover, and relocate inside of that conversation. Rather than chasing the latest trends in music or style, Tim reminds us that the ancient is worth discovering. His voice tremors like a minstrel from an ancient place, and he pleads with listeners through a style that has the patina of life experience all over it. His songwriting, in keeping with the Enter The Worship Circle commitment, is birthed from meditations on the ancient poetry of the Psalms where the writer both exults in God's work and is crushed with the inability to understand his purposes. Creation Notes Recording Tim Coons in my home studio in Woodland Park was like scuba diving in a clear, friendly ocean. No sharks, no sting rays, only Tim's kindness and willingness to try anything twice. We only used a few microphones, a few pots of French press coffee, and few visits from Karla and Aaron ... and we were done.
Creator(s) Tim Coons Publisher(s) Branches Music Credits Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben Pasley in Woodland Park, Colorado. All songs written and performed by Tim Coons. Design by Kyle Steed ( Tim Coons says, 'Thank you God for life with Betony, Lucy, my family and friends and for songs and beauty and the chance to create.' Professional thanks to Presonus Audio for the magnificent ADL-600 microphone preamp and the Firestudio Tube with which this whole album was recorded, SIT Strings which really do 'Stay in Tune,' Larrivee Guitars, and PSP Audioware the makers of fine, affordable audio plugins´┐Żall used with pride on this album. Important Links two Find this album on iTunes Tim Coon's Website
Contributor: Ben and Robin Pasley
"Helping people fall in love with God is our lifelong work!"
City: Woodland Park
State: Colorado
Member Since: 12/2011