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We only ship twice a week, and only to the USA. In some cases, we may post notes that we are “gone fishing” or out traveling for a short season and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. We ship exclusively with the United States Postal Service, we will ship to military bases, and no other carriers are offered. If you need rush shipping, or if you need to order internationally, please visit one of the sales partners listed at the bottom of every CD’s order page! The bonus by ordering here: we are the cheapest way on the internet to buy our product especially when you note that we offer FREE shipping on all orders.

We accept any major credit card, and we also accept Paypal. We are an online seller only. We do not process any orders over the phone. Returns are accepted on unsold, undamaged goods within 30 days for a full refund less any shipping charges. Our site is fully secure. None of your payment information is available to us, and none of your account information will ever, ever, be shared with anyone.


If you are interested in purchasing a quantity of CD’s for gifts or for resale, we welcome it! We have provided you with some amazing discount pricing under every single CD product offered at this site, so please enjoy!

All our digital goods, once paid for, are available for immediate download. They may be downloaded anytime you log back into your account. They are very high quality, and are cross-compatible with most every computer platform and media player, but Worship Circle can’t provide technical support after the purchase. The albums are ZIP files which open automatically on some computers, and in some cases you may have to double click the file after it downloads on your computer. The ZIP file will open with all the high quality MP3 song files ready for you to drag into your favorite music software, like iTunes, and you can sync to your mobile devices from there. We also include some great digital artwork in the same download which you have permission to use to make screen savers or graphics for your private and personal use.

We want happiness to fill the land. If you are unhappy with any physical product we have shipped to you receive from us simply return it, undamaged and unopened, to us postage paid with a note stating the problem, and a clear printed version of your original order, payment method, etc. and we will refund your money no questions asked. Returns for refund are accepted ONLY on undamaged, unopened goods within 30 days.

We do not return or refund digital product purchases. We will do anything within reason to keep you coming to our site to find the Worship Circle resources you need, however, so please contact us with any issues you may have and we will attempt to help you, or provide you with a digital product that will better fit your needs.

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June 21, 2014
Dear Worship Circle customers and friends, I spent 5 years developing, and the last two and a half years launching, my vision for a “contributor” driven Worship Circle website where other artists could upload their music, but, alas, it was a better idea in my imagination than it was in real life. Unfortunately, this concept was very expensive to implement, and was never able to get itself off the ground–like a fat bird covered in gold dust. This new site, I hope, will be a trim, tiny little bird with broad wings, able to fly much more gracefully.

For those of you who took the time to upload your works during the previous store’s lifespan … my sincere thanks and gratitude. You were part of a wonderful collection of hundreds of new songs, and many of you were able to make many new friends, both seen and unseen. I wish you the very best.

If you are a customer, and you returned to your account to download recently purchased music, please feel free to contact us directly using the form above, and we will take care of you right away. Please include the details of your order.